Guy Rubin on Attorney for shooting victim's family speaks out

Whitney Burbank   

FORT PIERCE, Fla. — An attorney for the family of the woman who died in a deputy-involved shooting spoke on the steps of the St. Lucie County courthouse Friday.

When Susan Teel's daughter called 911 to say her mom was trying commit suicide, "She asked for an ambulance, not police," said attorney Guy Rubin during a news conference.

Indian River Sheriff Deputies were dispatched to the home of Teel and her husband Dr. Dudley Teel in Vero Beach last week.

Sheriff Deryl Loar said Dr. Teel discovered his wife cutting her wrists in the bathroom and when his deputy Deputy Jonathan Lozada arrived the 62-year-old woman lunged at him with a butcher knife.

"In the perfect situation he would have been able to go up and help her she would perhaps be alive but unfortunately this is a spit second decision," said Sheriff Loar last week.

Loar said the deputy took one shot at the woman who died from the injuries.

"Ultimately she was successful in committing suicide by cop," said Rubin.