Guy Rubin on Perry Cohen's family files civil lawsuit against Stephanos family

by Sierra Darville


The mother of Perry Cohen is filing a civil lawsuit against the family of Austin Stephanos.

The announcement of the lawsuit was announced at a Friday morning news conference in front of the Palm Beach County Courthouse.

Attorney Guy Rubin says Pamela Cohen is filing the lawsuit against all parties involved in the disappearance and presumed death of Perry including: William Stephanos, Carlson Black, Richard Black Jr. and Richard Kuntz.

According to the lawsuit, Perry told his mother he planned to spend the night at Austin's house, then fish in the river the morning of July 24, 2015.

However, the teen boys had plans to fish along the Florida coast.

According to Rubin, it was common knowledge among the families that Perry was not allowed to go fishing in the ocean without adult supervision or his mother's permission.

The lawsuit claims despite this knowledge, Austin's family provided him with money for fuel and gear to go deep sea fishing. It also states Austin's grandfather, Richard Kuntz, knew the boat they were taking out to sea was not equipped with any communication equipment, GPS or beacon necessary to require aid in the event of an emergency.