Injury Cases

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Insurance - A Necessary Evil:

They will inundate you with geckos, quirky girls dressed in white and claim you're in good hands when they want your premium, but when it comes time for your claim to be paid, insurance companies will not pay unless you force them to do so.

Every case, no matter how serious, must be put together professionally, by a legal team with deep experience, from a position of strength.  That means you must get proper guidance and advice, and your legal team must aggressively pursue your claim as soon as possible after the injury.

Your legal team must be ready to go to bat for you, not just settling quickly for whatever the insurance company is kind enough to offer.  Your lawyer must be willing to go to court for you.

Have Experienced Trial Lawyers On Your Side:

We have handled hundreds of injury cases. Most are settled and some go to court.  We are ready willing, and most importantly, able to present a case to a jury, to request FULL AND FAIR compensation for your injuries. We work with doctors, employers and other experts who provide valuable input necessary to every successful claim.

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Here are some of the types of cases we have successfully handled:

  • Wrongful Death

  • Hospital and Doctor Medical Malpractice

  • Car and Truck Accidents

  • Motorcycle and Four-Wheel Accidents

  • Airplane Crashes

  • Industrial and Construction Accidents

  • Premises Liability - Including severe dog bites

  • Slip or Trip and Fall

  • Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect