Value Engineered Legal Services For Business

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  • Resolve or Fight - We help resolve business disputes from a position of strength before they go to court.  This saves our clients money. However, if our client's adversary will not agree to a reasonable resolution, we bring years of legal "trench" warfare experience to bear for our clients.
  • Leverage - We leverage technology and deft litigation strategies to allow our small firm to take on, and run circles around, larger opponents.
  • Personal Involvement - We take on fewer clients, by handling substantial and often complex cases. This allows our lawyers and the assigned legal team to know our clients, and to know the facts and strategies being employed.
  • Communication  - Client contact and lawyer accessibility is the key to a successful outcome. All of our team members are accessible through email, skype, phone and homing pidgeon.
  • Success - We recognize our clients' bottom line means maximizing return on money invested to prosecute their claims, or on defense, to minimize exposure and get through the claims process as efficiently as possible.


Our practice areas include:

Business Disputes

Commercial Litigation

Breach of Contract

Partnership Disputes


General Counsel Services

Tenant In Common (TIC) Cases

Loan Workouts

Commercial Foreclosures

TIC Roll Ups

Commercial Landlord-Tenant

Commercial Real-Estate Transactions

Business Torts

Business Fraud

Employment law

Legal Malpractice 

Civil Rights

Intellectual Property