Mark Rubin on WOKV: Latitude 360 CEO - Top Golf could be reason landlord filed for eviction

By Sarah Thompson

Jacksonville, FL —

With chains on the door and a sign thanking Jacksonville for five amazing years, Latitude 360, a popular entertainment complex near the Avenues Mall, suddenly closed their doors late Wednesday night.

While employees tell WOKV they had no idea this was coming, the company has been facing its fair share of problems in recent months.  The landlord of the Southside property has been trying to evict Latitude 360 since October, claiming they owed about millions in construction costs, overdue rent, and late fees. Employees also claim they haven't been getting paid on a regular basis.

We spoke with WOKV's legal analyst Mark Rubin about the sudden closure, and he tells us if you're a member of Latitude 360 you may or may not get your money back.  "Unless, there was an agreement to honor the membership by the new owners, those people who've already paid for memberships have probably lost their money," Rubin says. 

It seems to be a similar story if you've prepaid to hold a future event at Latitude 360, like a birthday party.  Rubin says, "It's unlikely that a new owner would honor that, because those funds would have been paid for services that there's no money to pay for now."

And Jacksonville isn't the only city Latitude 360 has experienced problems.  Back in December, the company was forced to close their location in Indiana, supposedly for tax issues.

Their location in Pittsburgh also had a close call in December, where the owner reportedly arrived with cashier checks to pay on an overdue county tax, just moments before police placed locks on the doors.

A new ownership group is expected to arrive in Jacksonville soon.