Mark Rubin on WOKV: Is praying around a flag pole unconstitutional?

By Alyssa Spirato

For over two decades, people have been allowed to pray around a flag pole. But that could soon be changing for Clay County Schools.

Pastor Ron Baker has been leading weekly prayer outside Clay Hill Elementary for years.

“I don’t think prayer is an evil thing. I don’t think it’s an unnecessary or an unnatural thing. I think most of the families and most of the students would appreciate knowing that they’re being prayed for. That’s strictly all were doing,” says Baker.

But the “Freedom from Religion Foundation” sent a letter to the district asking them to stop, saying it stands against prayer on schools, and is unconstitutional.

 “Our schools are here to teach, not to indoctrinate. And we need to keep children away from predators who trespass on the school for their own agenda,” says Annie Laurie Gaylor, Co-President of the foundation.  

WOKV received the legal response sent by the School board attorney Tuesday afternoon. In the response, it stated the practice actually violated the US Constitution.

WOKV spoke with legal analyst Mark Rubin on the subject. He says what he’s about to say is probably not what all listeners want to hear.