Florida Supreme Court lifts cap on medical malpractice damages


Our Supreme Court (Florida) finally ruled, after two long years waiting, what we have been advocating on behalf of our clients since this fundamentally unfair law was passed back in 2003 under Gov. Bush.

The high court dismantled all of the lies that were used to pull the wool over our eyes -- that there was a "crisis" due to huge verdicts and frivolous cases being filed, that doctors were leaving the state because their premiums were too high, that caps on damages would bring down insurance rates. All these myths have now been legally and officially debunked. They were never true, but insurance companies, medical associations and big business lobbyists used their financial power to get our lawmakers to go along.

Before this law was declared unconstitutional, it was a better result for doctors and hospitals when victims of medical malpractice died rather than survive. That is plain WRONG.  

Real people die when hospital emergency rooms ignore signs of stroke, heart problems, internal bleeding, bowel obstructions and other signs of serious life-threatening conditions. It happens all too often when hospital workers are over-worked, under paid, unqualified, or other cost-cutting leads to the absence of caring medical professionals to care for the critically ill.

The survivors of medical malpractice victims can now finally get full compensation for what doctors and hospitals have forever taken away  - the love and companionship of our husbands and wives, of our mothers, fathers and children.